The former Prime Minister, David Cameron, building on the achievements of the National Dementia Strategy, set up a programme to develop improvements in dementia care in 2014.

As part of this, we are continuing to identify patients who may have a higher likelihood for developing dementia.

If you have any concerns about your memory, or have a friend or relative whom you are concerned about who is a patient here, then please contact the surgery.

If you are in the following at-risk groups and the subject of memory impairment has not already been discussed, then please make an appointment.

  • Patients over 60 who have had a heart condition, a stroke, or circulation problems.

  • Patients over 60 who are diabetic

  • Patients over 60 with COPD

  • Patients over 50 with learning disabilities

  • Patients over 40 with Down’s syndrome

  • Patients with long-term neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, MS.

Carers of patients with dementia

If you are the registered carer for a patient of ours then you are entitled to a free NHS health check – please make an appointment.