Clinics and Services

Opening Times & Clinic Times

Appointments to see a GP or nurse are available at both surgeries each day between 8.30am and 6.30pm
and can be arranged for you depending on GP/nurse availability and patient demand. There is also a late
evening surgery at Yarnspinners on Monday evenings until 8.30pm.
These surgeries are for pre-booked appointments only. Appointments are available throughout the day as
previously described; however each clinician is not available for all of these hours.

An Out of Hours GP service is provided by East Lancashire CCG when the practice is closed .

The practice telephone number will redirect you to the out of hours GP service if you telephone outside of our surgery hours.

Many services can be access directly – without needing to see a  GP first these include ;

Family Planning Clinic

For advice on contraception and sexual health
Colne 01282 662505
Yarnspinners, Nelson 01282 657625
Colne ‘under 25s’ 01282 662505
Padiham ‘under 25s’ 01282 668500

Credit Crunch Stressline 0300 123 2000

Genito-urinary Clinic

For a completely confidential service, independent of the GP. They offer screening for sexually transmitted
infections including genital warts.
Burnley GUM Clinic 01282 644300
Blackburn GUM clinic 01254 736045
Barbara Castle Way 01254 617100

Drug and Alcohol Services

Addiction Dependency Solutions 01282 644644

Ceda Centre for Occupational Therapy

This provides assessment for equipment to help you in your home, assistance with applications for funding of

equipment and advice on holidays for people with disabilities. Telephone: 01282 644066.

Child Health Surveillance

A child health and development service is offered to all children under five. Your child will receive invitations to attend for check-ups with the doctor and health visitor periodically and it is most important to attend. The health visitors are also available at other times for general health advice for adults and children.

Childhood Vaccinations

All children are sent for automatically when they are due their routine vaccinations.  It is important that children do not miss these as this could result in them contracting extremely serious and potentially life threatening infections.  If you think your child has missed any vaccines please contact the surgery so that we can arrange for them to be brought up to date.

Vaccinations And Immunisations

The practice regards the protection from disease by immunisation, particularly of children, as one of its highest priorities. Information about you or your child’s immunisation requirements can be obtained from reception or from your health visitor.

Travel Advice And Vaccinations

The nurse is able to give a wide range of travel health advice as well as the necessary travel vaccinations.  Please make an appointment to see the nurse at least eight weeks before you intend to leave the country. We are registered as a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Useful internet sites for getting information about vaccinations and other travel health matters are: and

Cervical Smear Tests

All ladies aged 25 years and over should attend for routine smear tests.  This is a very important test to have as it may allow for the detection of problems within the cervix which do not cause any symptoms, but if left untreated could become cancerous.  The practice operates a call and recall service for women aged 25-65.  They will be sent an invitation to have a smear every three years for ages 25-50 and every five years for ages 50-65. Please tell the receptionist if you are coming for a smear so that enough time can be given.

Well Person Health Checks (MOT Clinic)

The MOT clinic held by the practice nurses provides the opportunity for both men and women to have a general health check including weight. blood pressure and urine assessment, smoking cessation, cervical cytology (smears) and general health advice such as breast and testicular examinations.

Sexual Health And Contraceptive Services

These services are tailored to all ages, genders and sexual preferences. We aim to provide a free, confidential and holistic approach to sexual health and contraceptive needs. We offer:

  • Sexual health check including screening for sexually transmitted infections and HIV testing
  • Confidential contraceptive advice and supply
  • Health promotion, pregnancy testing and services including referral for termination of pregnancy
  • Confidential support and advice for the under 16s
  • Chlamydia screening for 15-25 year olds via the b-sure programme

Clinics are held on Mondays with pre booked GP appointments between 4.00 and 6.00pm and nurse “drop-in” from 4.00 to 6.00pm.

Breast Screening

This is a national screening programme for all ladies aged over 50.  It is very important that you attend for this when you are sent for as it allows for early detection of breast cancer, even before a lump can be felt.

Bowel Cancer Screening

This is also a national screening programme for all patients aged 60 years and over.  It is a way of detecting very early signs of bowel cancer which has led to very significant improvements in patient survival as a result of early treatment.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery is carried out at the surgery to help save long waits for hospital treatment. This can be arranged by speaking to either Dr Ashworth or Dr Chowdhury.

Warts And Verrucae Treatment

The practice offers a cryocautery service (for freezing with liquid nitrogen), for the treatment of warts, verrucae and some other skin lesions. Ask at reception for details. Arrangements for treatment can be made by your own doctor following a consultation.

Asthma, Diabetic, Heart And Blood Pressure Clinics

The practice holds regular clinics for the management of patients suffering from asthma, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. All aspects of these complex conditions are monitored. Appropriate advice and treatment are given where problems arise and referral to specialists will be arranged when required. The clinics are run by the practice nurses in conjunction with the doctors. Ask at reception for an appointment if you have been diagnosed as suffering from any of these problems.

Mental Health Services

Low mood and anxiety are common problems in general practice. We are pleased to be able to offer a range of services to help with these. Drug therapy can play an important role in mood problems; however, there are some non-drug treatments that patients may be interested in. These include relaxation techniques, the Books on Prescription Scheme, Fitness for Life and ‘Beating the Blues’ – a computer-based cognitive therapy plan. These non-drug treatments are available through our practice-based mental health workers.  Your GP can advise you if these would be appropriate.


Referrals can be made by the doctor to a trained counsellor when required.

Non NHS Examinations and Medical Forms

Please note that many reports, forms and certificates that the doctors are asked to fill in on your behalf may not be covered by the NHS and these will therefore incur a standard charge as set by the BMA.  Non NHS examinations also take longer than a standard appointment so please tell the receptionist of your requirements and they will arrange the appropriate appointment and inform you of the necessary charges.