Did Not Attends

Upset about long waiting times?

  • Non-attendance at a booked appointment contributes towards long waiting times.

  • 85 patients did not attend their appointments with us during September 2016.

  • This equals 1275 minutes / 21 hours of doctor’s time which could have been used for other patients.

How you can help other patients and help reduce our waiting times:

  • Please ring us on 01282 657575 to cancel the appointment if you no longer need it.

  • Or text 07751225476 to cancel your appointment, providing your name, date of birth and time of appointment.  

  • We recognise that some illnesses improve with time, without treatment, but please do your best to cancel your appointment should you no longer need it.

  • Think before you book your appointment– is it something you can manage without our help?

  • There are some good self-help links within ReedyfordGP.com, and free self-help books are available at our reception desk

Three consecutive non-attendances for booked appointments may result in removal from the practice list.


Please make sure we have your most up to date mobile number and email address so that we can text or email you reminders.