Lancashire Wellbeing Service

We have a variety of services available in East Lancashire and Pendle. You don’t necessarily need a referral from your doctor to access them.

Lancashire Wellbeing service   is one of the newer services ( set up in 2015 )

Many of the things that affect our health are not necessarily  “medical” – the way we feel, our opportunities for going out and meeting people, and the quality of housing that we are living in all go together to affect our health.

Lancashire Wellbeing Service – what it does

Our service helps people to deal with the underlying causes that are affecting their ability to manage their health and wellbeing. We want people to feel included in their communities, to be able to live more independently and to enjoy a good quality of life.

Call Lancs County Council Customer Access Service now on 0303 333 1111

The Lancashire Wellbeing team can:

  • Work with you for up to 6 sessions to make positive changes in your life
  • Provide opportunities that open up other support and social networks such as volunteering, peer networks, community groups
  • Provide drop-in facilities in your local communities
  • Identify and point you in the direction of relevant services in your community
  • We’re a non-clinical service and don’t provide social care services or manage people’s long term conditions.

Who we can help: Our service is for people aged 18 years or more.

People who could benefit from our service are likely to have several underlying issues affecting their ability to have positive mental, social and physical well-being, such as:

  • Mild mental health problems (such as low mood, anxiety, stress and mild depression)
  • Social Isolation, loneliness, few or poor social networks
  • Experiencing difficult circumstances e.g. problems with family, finance,employment
  • Struggling to cope/feeling overwhelmed
  • Want to try leading a healthier lifestyle ?
  • Need support in relation to healthy living and developing a healthier lifestyle,through understanding and adapting behaviour

If you think you could benefit from the service and are experiencing any of the above ask your GP, practice nurse, social worker or local support service to refer you. Or phone the Lancashire County Council Customer Access Service on 0303 333 1111.

More ideas from Lancashire County Council about how to improve your health and wellbeing can be found on their website by clicking the buttons below.

Five Ways to Feel Great 

Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline for Lancashire

The Lancashire Minds Matter Website is the place to go for information about general mental health support and councelling that is available from the NHS

Lancashire Minds Matter Site 

Pendle Residents can Call 01282 657927