You may have noticed that Patient Access has been updated.  Unfortunately, some users are unable to log in, and are being asked to contact reception at Reedyford.  Simply call into either surgery and request your new registration details.  The new website
address is:

Please make sure that your details are up to date; and remember that you may register only ONE account per e-mail address (due to confidentiality).  These are the 2 main reasons patients are being locked out of their accounts.

We have produced an up-to-date, informative guide to help you register for Patient Access, including FAQ such as forgotten passwords, how to book an appointment and so on.  There is also a new support website for those experiencing difficulties:

Patients are not able to register more than one account per e-mail address.  Please see below for the Patient Access website statement regarding this:

Can I share a sign in email address?

Unfortunately not.

If you want to use a sign in email address to make sign in easier then it needs to be associated with only one Patient Access account. This is because we need to be able to uniquely identify you when you sign in.

If you currently use the same email address at your practice to allow them to communicate with multiple people (for example husband, wife and son) then one person can choose to use this email address for sign in while the other people can continue to sign in with their User ID.

Alternatively, you may want to consider adding additional email addresses to your existing email account.

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