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May 2018 Newsletter

More GP Appointments

More GP appointments for East Lancashire residents

An innovative new scheme has been launched in East Lancashire to increase the number of GP appointments available to patients in the area.

The scheme, known as extended GP access was first suggested in a public consultation in 2016 when NHS East Lancashire CCG proposed to improve GP access across East Lancashire.

The GP extended access scheme has been tried and tested in Hyndburn since January this year and now will be available for residents of Burnley, Pendle, Ribblesdale and Rossendale. Patients registered with GPs in each area will be able to benefit from extended GP access in a system set up and run by local GPs to improve access to GP services.

Every GP practice in each area of East Lancashire will be involved in the new extended GP access system.

NHS East Lancashire has commissioned a local group of GPs working across the whole of East Lancashire called the EU Federation of GPs to introduce the scheme in each area.

The extended GP access scheme means that patients can make an appointment by telephone or face to face with their GP practice to see a GP or practice nurse, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm at night on weekdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on a Saturday and Sunday.

The system has been set up by local GPs working together to improve access to GP and practice nurse services. The appointments available in these extra weekday and weekend hours are in addition to the usual GP surgery opening hours from 8 am to 6.30 pm.

The GPs will be able to access the full medical record and history to enable a thorough assessment and course of treatment. It also means that the patients record will be updated which will provide continuity of care.

Appointments are being made for GP and nurse consultations from extended GP access hubs in Burnley, Hyndburn and Pendle. Rossendale and Ribblesdale will follow.

Burnley – St Peters via Burnley Group Practice

Hyndburn – Peel House Medical Centre

Pendle – Yarnspinners via Reedyford Practice

Rossendale – Haslingden Health Centre via Dr

Mackenzie & Partners from the 24th September

Ribble Valley – currently patients can access any of the other areas with a local site anticipated to go live by the 1st November

Dr Richard Robinson, Chair of NHS East Lancashire CCG, said: “The system is run by local GPs and nurses and is very simple and easy to use. It is up and running in Hyndburn where I work as a GP and is working well. It has just been launched in Burnley and Pendle and will be launched later in Rossendale and Ribblesdale.

“To book an appointment for a weekday evening or on Saturday 10 am til 4pm or Sunday 10 am til 4 pm, patients simply need to ring their own GP practice and ask for an appointment.

The system means that patients can be booked into the evening and weekend appointments if they cannot be seen during normal surgery hours”

He added:
“It is early days for this new system but already we are receiving good feedback and we hope that it will meet the needs of the majority of people who need improved access to GP services. It builds on a tried and tested model that we developed in Hyndburn earlier this year and it will be a new and welcome addition to NHS services throughout the area”

The GP extended access system is run by local GPs working together to improve primary care services under the name of the EU Federation of GPs. GP Federations are typically run by local GPs in each area and have been established to develop and improve primary care services specifically to suit local needs.

The service was launched in Hyndburn in January this year, and now that it is tried and tested it will be rolled out across East Lancashire to ensure that 100% of the population have access to extended GP services by the beginning of October 2018.



NHS Seeks Views of NHS Hearing Aid Users

The views of NHS Hearing Aid users are being sought by CCGs across Lancashire and South Cumbria.
The views and experiences of NHS hearing aid users with age related hearing loss, over 50 years of age, are being sought to help understand what NHS hearing aid services are like locally and to help improve them.

The survey has already received over 150 responses but remains open until Tuesday 31st July 2018.
Dr Santhosh Davis, GP lead, and an East Lancashire GP said:

“We are asking people living anywhere in Lancashire or South Cumbria, who are over the age of 50 who use NHS hearing aids to tell us what they think of the service and their experience of living with an NHS hearing aid. The survey, which has been produced in partnership with patients, doesn’t take much time to complete, is confidential, and will help us understand what people who use NHS hearing aid services think about those services. Our vision for people with age related hearing problems is for them to receive, high quality, efficient services delivered closer to home, with short waiting times which are highly responsive to their needs”.

“We are looking to ensure that patients over 50 with age related hearing loss have a comprehensive patient-centred integrated adult hearing service which will include the provision of hearing aids for age-related hearing loss in line with national guidance and local requirements.

“We think that there is significant variation in the service arrangements, quality and the outcomes for the over 50s who use NHS hearing aid services across Lancashire and South Cumbria. So that’s why we are asking NHS hearing aid users over the age of 50 with age related hearing loss for their views about NHS hearing aid services”.

People over 50 with age related hearing loss, can currently chose to obtain an NHS hearing aid, following a referral from their GP from their local NHS Trust or from high street retail providers . Services include:

• Audiology (hearing tests and assessments)
• Provision and fitting of hearing aids,
• Patient education, including self-care advice and information,
• Follow up appointments and after care,

People using NHS hearing aids, over the age of 50 or relatives or carers can complete the questionnaire online : or can contact 01282 644 627 to obtain help to complete the survey.

Patient Access Update

You may have noticed that Patient Access has been updated.  Unfortunately, some users are unable to log in, and are being asked to contact reception at Reedyford.  Simply call into either surgery and request your new registration details.  The new website
address is:

Please make sure that your details are up to date; and remember that you may register only ONE account per e-mail address (due to confidentiality).  These are the 2 main reasons patients are being locked out of their accounts.

We have produced an up-to-date, informative guide to help you register for Patient Access, including FAQ such as forgotten passwords, how to book an appointment and so on.  There is also a new support website for those experiencing difficulties:

Patients are not able to register more than one account per e-mail address.  Please see below for the Patient Access website statement regarding this:

Can I share a sign in email address?

Unfortunately not.

If you want to use a sign in email address to make sign in easier then it needs to be associated with only one Patient Access account. This is because we need to be able to uniquely identify you when you sign in.

If you currently use the same email address at your practice to allow them to communicate with multiple people (for example husband, wife and son) then one person can choose to use this email address for sign in while the other people can continue to sign in with their User ID.

Alternatively, you may want to consider adding additional email addresses to your existing email account.

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