Click here for online services . Patient Access

Click here for online services . Patient Access

How to Request More Medication

If you require a repeat prescription, there are a couple of options for ordering your items. The most convenient way is for you  to request this online , via Patient Access. ( The orange box with a box on the right ) .

Registering with patient access means you can also see your records summary, book appointments or message the practice securely – even when we are closed.

The Best way of ordering your medicines is to use the online “Patient Access” system.

Important Notice:

Please note all prescriptions ordered online are only available for collection from NELSON.

You can ask your pharmacy to pickup and deliver medication on your behalf.

The other option is to request your prescription from our reception by handing the white-sided computer slip to reception. Please only tick  the items that you need.

We need at least 2 full working days ( 48 hours )  to complete your request.

We are happy for patients to post their requests to us, as long as they provide a stamped self-addressed envelope.

If you are housebound, you can arrange for a pharmacy of your choice to collect and deliver the prescriptions for you. Ask your pharmacy for what services they offer.  Unfortunately pharmacies can no longer order prescriptions on behalf of patients.

The receptionist can only issue repeat prescriptions for things that are on the white part of your prescription, these are the ones the GP has authorised for you to have on repeat. New medicines will not necessarily have been put on repeat. If the item is not on repeat, you will need to speak with a GP. Our receptionists can arrange a phone call from a doctor to discuss medication requests.

Medication Review Date

Please note your Medication Review date – this is the date that is printed on the white part of the prescription . Reception can only issue a repeat of your medicines if this date has not been passed. You can think of this as being a kind of “best before date” for your medicines. You will need a medication review with a GP if this date has expired. This is part of the practice’s routine monitoring of all medications and you should make an appointment for review of your prescription.  We may have to alter or stop  your prescription if you do not attend for review.

Please note that we do not accept repeat prescription request by telephone.  However, you can forward your request via our Patient Access website.  Please click on the link below for more information regarding online prescription ordering.

Your pharmacist can supply you with an emergency supply of your medicine if your medicine has run out without you being able to collect a repeat prescription from the GP.

Please be aware that reception staff will no longer disturb a doctor to get prescriptions signed.  You must allow sufficient time for processing and remember it is your responsibility to order your medication in time.

Patient Access

Access your records, book appointments + more....

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