When will I get my #Covid-19 Vaccine?

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“ When will I get my Covid Vaccine ? “

We’re pleased to say our covid vaccination plans are progressing & you are probably wondering how we are going to let you know when it’s your turn ?

  1. We will send you a text message 📲
  2. We will telephone ☎️ you …
  3. We will repeat the above & write to you 💌

“ Have you got my mobile number ? “

If you’ve been getting messages from us already , then you can reassured that you will get your vac 💉 invite message.

If you don’t get messages from is already , then please contact reception to give us your mobile number.

Some people ask us to put someone else’s mobile 🤙📞 phone number on their record. This is a great idea because it means we have another way of getting messages to you. This could be the mobile number of a carer, friend or family member.

Thanks & remember mask 😷 space <2m> (at least 10 ft is even better ) & hand washing remain the best way of protecting yourself from COVID-19

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