Get Help with Stopping Smoking or Vaping

Change Grow Live and We Are With You are proud to be the new
provider of the Smoke Free Lancashire service. Both Change Grow
Live and We Are With You have a strong presence and good
working relationships in Lancashire, delivering the adult and
young person’s drug and alcohol services. We look forward to
building on those relationships to ensure the people who use our
services get the high-quality support they need and deserve.

Community based, neighbourhood-level delivery across all
districts of Lancashire

Use of local knowledge and existing relationships and
networks to target priority populations and places

Provide nicotine therapy (aged 12 years and above) by direct
supply and the pharmacy voucher scheme

Vaping products (18 years and above) with a Check 25 policy
alongside NRT

Provide behavioural support to increase motivation and
continued engagement

Deliver training and bitesize briefings to partners

A specific young person’s service run by We Are With You
24 Hour Access to the My Quit Route App

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