Help us to help you – please use Doctorlink whenever you can.

Since summer 2020 we have been trying out a new way for patients to request help or book appointments. We have done this so that you can have better access to your health service through the day. Traditionally , patients have tended to call the practice first thing int the morning to book appointments. This meant that our reception team were extremely busy at the start of the day and patients would often find themselves waiting in a queue.

We are asking you ( or someone else on your behalf ) to do a symptom assessment through DoctorLink instead of calling reception.

The symptom assessment will ask you a number of questions to help to identify your problem. It takes around 6 minutes to complete an assessment, After completing the Doctorlink the system will tell you how urgently you need to speak to a Doctor or Nurse. We will aim to get back to you within the timeframe mentioned in the Doctorlink.

If your outcome indicates that an appointment is required at your GP Practice, you simply click on the “book an appointment” button and book your appointment directly.

Using a Doctorlink online consultation can help you to get to the most appropriate clinician for that particular clinical issue.

If you are not able to use Doctorlink you can contact the reception by telephone.

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