Are your Covid-19 Symptoms taking a long time to get better ?

Covid-19 is an infection that we had not encountered before 2020 so there were many things about it that we did not know. One of the things that we now know about Covid-19 is that it can cause a person to have some troublesome symptoms lingering for much longer than you would expect following an infection. “Long-Covid” is the phrase that has been used to describe these collection of symptoms. The websites which are listed below are useful helping you to understand what is happening.

The good news is that most people who have these symptoms get better – but this could take several months so it is important to try and keep your mental health health positive and to be realistic about how fast you will improve.

We need to make sure that that isn’t another reason for your symptoms

We do not want to be putting your symptoms down to Covid-19 when it is being caused by something else. We need to be careful that we do not fall into the trap of putting everything down to covid. Many people we under considerable stress before getting covid and stress can have different effects on the body.

Please do CONTACT US ( ideally by using the Doctorlink form ) If your symptoms are getting worse not better.

Following the links below will help you know what to expect. People with Long-Covid generally feel like they are taking a long time to get better – that their symptoms do not seem to be going away even though it is at least a couple of weeks since they have been told that they are nolonger infectious.

Getting progressively worse, loosing weight , getting more breathless, or feeling increasingly tired are some of the reasons for getting in touch with us for a follow up call.

Long-Covid Clinics

The patients who are most severely affected by long-covid may benefit from referral to an outpatient clinic. These are currently being set up. We do not currently have a local long-covid clinic yet ( January 2021 ) . In the meantime you can refer to the sites below.

The Minds Matter team are able to offer you some support with anxiety or low mood which may be part of the long-covid pattern.

Useful Websites for Long-Covid

This is the main NHS website for Long-Covid

Mental Health Matters – these people can help you learn some different ways of approaching your situation.

Useful information and suggestions for ways of helping you stay positive through your recovery journey.