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Speak with our reception team if you are unable to find what your are looking for  – they will be able to suggest the best course of action, and could save you a trip to the pracrice.

Do you help a friend or relative with their health problems ?

Please speak with reception if you need to arrange for a friend or relative to have access to your records, or to be able to help you to organise your health tasks

e.g. checking blood results, booking appointments or discussing medication.

Confidentiality is important to us.

The receptionists are unable to pass on health information about other patients without us having their consent recorded.

This includes your family or members of your household.

have you tried our online option for your

Common requests


You can book appointemts via our receptionists or via the patient access website.

Reception have information about which services are available and how to access them.

sick notes

UK Employment law allows you to complete your own sick note if you need to be off work for 7 days or less.If you need a longer period of sickness certification or a “fit note” click here.

blood pressure

Monitoring your Blood Pressure at home is the best way of ensuring that you are getting the right level of treatment & not being over-treated.

Explore the different ways of measuring your BP by clicking here.


Ordering  prescriptions online saves you time and helps our reception team.

Collect your prescription from  your pharmacy within 2 working days – (for most items)

Medicals or examinations

You can book medicals for Health Insurance, HGV, Taxi or Adoption via our reception.

Click for more information.

nhs health check

This is available for free for everyone aged      40-74. This includes a Blood test, BP Height and Weight check leading to a  discussion with our nursing team about opportunities to modify your risk factors.

Speak with a GP first if you are feeling unwell with new symptoms.

Records Access

Life can be compicated. Especially if you are living with several long term conditions. We believe that being able to access your health  records can help.

Test Results

Your GP team will review your results once they are received by the practice. Please allow 72 hours for blood tests, 2 Weeks for xrays, and at least 4 days for urine cultures.

back pain

We have an excellent “drop in back pain” Physiotherapy  service.

Click here for more information abuot the service.

It’s the best way of getting advice on how to manage your back pain.

Helping You to Achieve your goals

Living well

eat well

Eating well is all about having portion sizes and energy intakes which match what you need to achieve  your goals.It is also about understanding how much refined sugar you have in your diet.

what would you like to change?

Know where you want to be but dont know how to get there ?

We have pulled together some top tips from people who have made changes.

managing pain

Most of us will experience pain from time to time. Some of us have pain as part of our daily lives. You can learn how to manage your pain better. Live better with pain. Click for more info

Getting fitter

Wondering where to start ?

Decided you want a fitter you & a fitter future ?

We have some suggestions for you…

ditch Diabetes

Have you have recently been told you have Type 2 diabetes or are in the danger zone ?

Give yourself a healthier future  by gaining control of what you eat and what you weigh.

maintaining your weight

Some people need to take extra care to ensure they are getting enough calories. There are some simple steps you can take if you are in this situation.

Top Tips for Stopping Smoking

If you want to stop smoking, you can make small changes to your lifestyle that may help you resist the temptation to light up.

Think positive. You may have tried to quit smoking before and not managed it. Don’t let that put you off. Look back at the things your experience has taught you and think about how you’re really going to do it this time.

Make a plan to quit smoking Make a promise, set a date and stick to it. Sticking to the ‘not a drag’ rule can really help. Whenever you find yourself in difficulty say to yourself, “I will not have even a single drag” and stick with this until the cravings pass.

Think ahead to times where it might be difficult – a party for instance – and plan your actions and escape routes in advance.

Dales Easy Guide to Setting up

Patient Access

Thinking about moving more ?



Before exercising always follow these simple tips from http://www.exercise-works.org

• Take all medications as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.
• The goals of your program should be to improve mobility, your ability to perform and enjoy activities of daily living such as cooking or walking in the park with friends, and improve your overall fitness.
• Choose low-impact activities such as walking, cycling or water exercises, which involve large muscles groups and can be done continuously. Low-intensity, longer-duration workouts are preferred over high-intensity activities.


Start with shorter sessions (10 to 15 minutes) and gradually build up to 20 to 40 minutes, three or more days per week.
• Add high-repetition, low-resistance circuit training and range-of-motion stretching exercises two to three times per week.
• Take frequent breaks during activity if needed. Use the ratings of perceived exertion and out of breath scales scales rather than heart rate to measure the intensity of your workouts.

What Others Say

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

Winston S. Churchill

Insurance reports



travel insurance

Remember to tell  your insurers of any change in your medical history

e.g. when you  have a new diagnosis or significant change in your treatment.

Blue badge

We do not provide blue badges or parking permits.

They are issued directly by the council.

Medicals or examinations

You can book medicals for Health Insurance, HGV, Taxi or Adoption via our recetpion. Click for more information.

fit notes

You do not need a note from the GP if you have had less 7 days off work (including weekends and Bank Holidays). These are also known as “Sick notes” or FP10.

Taxi & HGV medicals

Reception will be happy to organise a date for your driving medical. Please ensure you have had a recent opticians eye exam & bring the prescription with you.

Doctors Letters

Your employer will have to formally write to the practice, with your consent, if they are requesting a Doctors note or report.

Community Connectors

Could they help you , could you help them ? 

Community Connectors  are organised by the Council for Voluntary Services. Our local branch covers Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

The Community Connector role helps patients with emotional, social and practical needs access a range of local, non-medical and non-clinical services, often provided by the community and voluntary sector. Services include, but are not limited to, local community support groups, bereavement support, financial support, exercise groups, social groups and one-to-one peer mentoring.

BPRCVS’s Community Connectors will assess your needs thoroughly and determine a plan of action to deliver a course of support that will help you feel better, improve your wellbeing and reduce your reliance on GP’s and NHS services. The same Community Connector will stay with you throughout the duration of your involvement with the project.

All of BPRCVS’s Community Connectors  are managed by a Community Care Coordinator. Our Coordinators support and train our Connector Navigators  to deliver the very best support and get you back on track by helping to introduce you to a wide range of activities and services.

What will the project do for me?

Community Connectors will spend time with you each week

Offer support and access to activities, events and community services

Improve your wellbeing through non-medical sources of support

Keep you informed of what’s going on in your community

Get you involved and engaged in activities, events and services

Create a lasting positive impact on your wellbeing

Provide an alternative to visiting your GP

Reduce your reliance on health care, police and other professional services.

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Respiratory Assessment Unit RAU at ELHT

Respiratory Assessment Unit

Respiratory Assessment Unit (RAU)

The RAU will open on Monday 30th October to support winter resilience and ease patient flow through the Emergency Department. The RAU will manage patients (age 18+) with a range of respiratory conditions including COPD, asthma and pneumonia. The unit will focus on assessment, stabilisation and treatment of patients who require acute hospital services but who can be successfully discharged home the same day. The majority of referrals are expected to come from the front of the hospital and GPs will also be able to refer directly to the unit.

The unit will be run by the respiratory specialist nursing team and will have twice daily medical ward rounds weekdays and once daily on weekends (usually by Respiratory Consultants). Patients will receive the relevant BTS admission and discharge bundles and will be referred on to the relevant follow-up services in the community (e.g. specialist team follow-up, IHSS, pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation).

Opening hours: RAU opens 30th October 2017 at RBH as a 7 day service operating from 7.30am-10pm. The last admission time is 6pm.
Referral process: referrals can be made through the usual route for medical admissions, which is via Ambulatory Care 9.00-18.00 on 01254 734756. Outside these times medical admissions are via AMU on 01254 263555. If you wish to speak to a respiratory specialist nurse on the RAU then the direct line number to the unit is 01254 734623.

Alongside the RAU the Trust is implementing a Home Non-Invasive Ventilation service. This will support a very small number of patients who would otherwise have to travel to neighbouring acute trusts. The service with be led by Dr Iain Crossingham (Respiratory Physician) who will provide medical oversight of these patients and the RAU will provide support to this patient group. Dr Iain Crossingham will write to the individual patients responsible GP should a patient be established on Home Non-Invasive Ventilation.

Intensive Home Support Service IHSS

Intensive Home Support Service

Intensive Home Support

The Intensive Home Support service (IHSS) is an integrated service of Nursing, therapy and social care professionals providing care for anyone 18 or over. The service manages patients who are at risk of hospital admission, including home visits for patients with an exacerbation of a lung condition and frail elderly patients. In relation to respiratory conditions the service provides nebuliser therapy, chest physiotherapy & non-medical prescribing. Advanced Nurse Practitioners and therapists with respiratory skills and expertise provide a rapid response to patients who are acutely unwell, deliver the BTS discharge bundle (including medication review, inhaler technique, referral for pulmonary rehabilitation etc.) and provide an enhanced home treatment service.

Note the IHSS team works closely with the respiratory specialist team and will refer patients into a respiratory MDT where review by a member of the respiratory specialist team is clinically required. This 3 minute video provides an overview of the service https://vimeo.com/200156825

Response times: All referrals can be responded to with a home visit in 2 hours, however the clinician will discuss with the referrer and a more appropriate response may be agreed.

Opening hours: 8.00am-10pm every day (including weekends and bank holidays).

Referral process: Referrals are accepted from any health or social care professionals, carers and patients can self-refer. Referrals are accepted via a single point of access ICAT on 01282 805989.


Community Connectors

Community Connectors are part of the local health and wellbeing team working within the Council for Voluntary Services ( CVS )

They can help you to find your way around what is available locally, and can even help you with some tricky things like learning how to access your medical records online , or how to book an appointment.

Community Connectors can help you to navigate your way around whats on offer locally – they are the experts when it comes to knowing about what clubs are going on , how to get introduced to a new activity or how to get back into doing something that you used to enjoy.

Contact a Community Connector Coordinator on 01282 433740 or email connectors@bprcvs.co.uk

For more information about the Community Connector project visit www.bprcvs.co.uk

Referral forms & more information is available on their  website http://www.bprcvs.co.uk/index.php/services/community-connector-project

Good Life Project Nelson


Do you know someone who is fed up of being stuck in the house? Do you know someone you would like to meet new people?


Do they enjoy being outdoors? Would they like to gain new skills? If you have answered yes to any of these questions The Good Life Project could be for them. The Good Life Project is a therapeutic horticulture programme run by Pendle Leisure Trust and funded by the Big Lottery – Reaching Communities Programme. The project is aimed at adults who are suffering from social isolation; participants will attend the project in an attempt to gain the confidence to become better integrated in their local community. The project’s aims are to improve mental wellbeing, physical health, reduce social isolation and bring people together whilst caring for our community allotment. Activities take place in a quiet and peaceful setting on Hodge House Allotments in ‪#‎Nelson‬. Sessions include growing fruit, vegetables and flowers, wood working, art activities and general gardening. Participants are taught the basic skills of gardening whilst getting out of the house, working with others and connecting with nature. Whilst helping at the project you should: See improvement in fitness Experience increased well-being Feel more sociable Feel more confident IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TAKING PART IN THIS PROJECT, PLEASE Get in touch with our team or call us on 07753778619..