Appointments are available – but these can only be accessed by completing an online consultation or by telephoning reception.

An online consultation enables you to contact a GP or other health professional over the internet. It saves you waiting for an appointment or going to the GP surgery. You can complete an online consultation when we are closed – this helps us as it keeps our telephone lines free for those people who cannot use the internet. It also is more convenient for you as you do not need to wait in a telephone waiting line.

You can tell your GP about your health using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of online consultation you have depends on your GP surgery. Many GP surgeries use a questionnaire or an online form.

At Reedyford Healthcare we use Doctorlink. It takes around 6 minutes for a person to complete a Doctorlink.

Once you have completed the Doctorlink form the information goes to the practice reception , and we will contact you within the time frame mentioned by Doctorlink . We will usually contact you by telephone , but may contact you via electronic message or SMS. The clinical staff will usually speak with you by telephone initially. We may also use video consultation or may ask you to send a photograph to the practice where this is relevant ( eg a skin ash )

Face-to-Face Appointments

All our staff offer face to face appointments. The Covid pandemic has restricted the numbers of patients that we can bring into the building at a time. This is why we have adapted our services to a “telephone first” approach with face to face when it is needed.

Other Online Tools

Patient Access and the MyGP App are two other resources that we recommend. The MyGP app is very convenient to use and is worth installing if you use a smartphone. You can use it to order repeat medicines, access your records online and much more.

Patient Access is popular amongst patients who prefer to use a desktop pc or laptop. It has a slightly different set of features to MyGP.

Both MyGP App and Patient Access were previously used for booking appointments online. This function has been put on hold whilst we have had to adapt how we support you during the Covid-19 pandemic. This will probably be turned back on again once social distancing restrictions are lifted ( hopefully some time later this year 2021 ) .